Space Station

3D Rendered Science Fiction

Samples of my 3D and Photoshop hobby. Below is a quick and dirty 3D rendered fly by to a world with artificial rings.

Coherent Light Wallpapers

Take a glitter ball, shake it up and shine a laser inside and you’ll get some shiny pics like these.

Promotional Poster Work

Some fun promotional poster work.

Useless Manips

Silly photo manips of me in not-so-great moments in entertainment history.
Extreme Science Logo

Portfolio – Logos

Some logos I created using Illustrator and Photoshop.

A Harvard Psychiatrist Explains Zombie Neurobiology

Read how Dr. Steven C. Schlozman explains the brain functions of a classic Romero zombie. It’s their dysfunctional cerebellar and basal ganglia which causes the famous zombie lurching gait. The good doctor also explains why an audience enjoys zombie movies so much, “…we like the permission to look at these things that look human – but aren’t human – and have utter and complete permission to blow their heads off.” So that explains why killing a zombie Hare Krishna is so funny. Read the full article: